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OA Crossover Presentation

The following pages contain the spoken parts by adults in the Cub Scout pack.

This should be a low stress exercise for the pack and adults involved. We, the OA team, will take on the stress and timing of the Crossover Ceremony as outline below.

To make things easy for all adults in the pack, every action or speaking part is always requested out loud by our OA team. No one will be left to just "figure it out" or wait until there is "dead air". All pack adults can read directly from this printed sheet. If an adult forgets a line or loses their place, then an OA adult or fellow scout will step in and help as needed. Again, this should be a low stress exercise for the pack and adults involved.

All leaders, parents, and those Webelos crossing over should be seated in the audience, but ready to go on stage when instructed.

These are approximate times only. Every ceremony is a "work of art" and varies.

Downloads for Cub Scout Packs

Pack Scripts with instructions

The Art of a Crossover

Start Start of presentation with OA team walking out in silence and reverence. OA Team will begin and introduce themselves and their purpose.
3 min. OA team will ask the Webelos and their parents to come up on stage
5 min. OA team will ask Akela (usually the Cubmaster) to remind us of the seven great virtues (wisdom, courage, self control, justice, faith, hope, love). The Cub Master reads directly from the page titled "Akela (Cubmaster)".
7 min. OA team will request the Webelos den leader(s) to present the Arrow of Light award (if there is one to present).
10 min. OA team will request the "Four Winds" to speak one at a time, then in unison. There should be four adults assigned, one adult per wind (North, East, South, and West). Before each Wind is to speak, the OA team member will announce who is to read next, for example, Meteu (the medicine man) will announce, "I now call upon the NORTH WIND to speak." At the conclusion of all winds speaking their part, Meteu will then request the final statement from all the winds by saying, "I now call upon ALL WINDS to speak."
15 min. Webelos Scouts and their Parents cross over the bridge from Cubs to Boy Scouts.
20 min. OA presentation of the Den Leader Arrow
22 min. Presentation completed with OA team marching off stage and exiting from sight

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